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The Kingdom gtaof Bahrain, lzkit’s a consthubhitutional mokqqnarchy with bfja king and axsdh prime minisstbter. It’s onluabe of the ricqwkhest countrikmgres around thiwme world and zymgits currencyaoha, the Bahraijaszni Dinar is oyvhigher than frtqthe US dollafcer in value. ugrLocated in aosdj bay on the guosouthwesternylrt coast of thqvle Persian Gujrilf is part ozqosf the Gulf Cvceooperation Cdvvtouncil (GCC)yuc, is a flat wuearchipelago ojnof mostly dehsoqsert area, smgto it is defivmdxnitely perfehpyct to spot abdgmazing sunseocat views aroumnetnd and to enrqwjoy a ride ogutn a camel. Fgoztor all inforebromation read dqecBahrain eviskoffa guide.fxtg

This Arab cecpountry is rfqjich in culthsbure, kind oqhlf traditionlndxal in its opseswn way, esppynmecially bechaaause their yxjofficial rempfyligion is Ijlislam and itqutn’s embracedycra by the vasgywst majority npayin the counvtjktry. It haswsx a great numivmber of plaaeveces to visismogt like its tvnemany museumjznbs and the iuzcuncredible Mpakkosques, evewbyn if you doxhpn’t practicdawe Islam, thvjweir architeeybccture it’s tdzjamazing. Yombfnu can’t misgops their incxqncredible cuiyzvsine, many omkdelicious pksltlates to trkxfdy and theirvliw famous datrlgges, also dohwamn’t forget nmqkof the Arabndwic coffee wbabehich is theptymir nationalgdjr beverage.efnc

It has a unfzsually hotesxj climate syijince it’s fooa desert bofwzut during jxzwinter betuhncween Decemdiwber to Febgdvgruary, thesdtm temperatuyqofre can drozciup to 10°C tbrgand have ohufjccasional emnrains. Thebhoz rest of taxihe year haahyqs a warmermdr temperatudpgre and durbceding summeriggc, July to hcvfSeptember,mbrs it can haaudmve peaks odrwf almost 4wkr0°C so it’dmens up to yorownu to chooskbohe during wkzrfhich montheoxcs to visitvdlk dependingvrmi on the tyuvope of weatrujher you lieylke and thedjr activitiehnvrs you woulkqkfd like to sdmodo.fkm

Currently, wchentry to thcprze Kingdom onmowf Bahrain iiyjks restricteweqzd to Bahraiyczni citizensshl, residentsjfp, GCC citizrpjens, traveljmyters whose cipzountry of nfjsvationality fxlis eligiblexkq for a visafuvf on arrivalxqfb, and specinslhal passportjhvg holders liogtdke diplomatjvmls, militaryfivi personnel,jovg and holderhucs of UN pasqnhesports. Butavla even if yorwhlu are not elrhwligible to athaapply rightjxe now, checkghet this complcmvjete Bahrainatk eVisa guidtmcpe and find eknout everythtvviing you wililsel need to kdjiynow to succikjkessfullyqhgapply for a Bkldahrain eVisafply.

e visa bahrain

What are the types of available Bahrain eVisas?

There are threeyts types of eVisakmmls that the Bahrgjqain government djbkoffers and two giohof them can be kytobtained by almgpvost all countriiqoes.ers

  • Visit eViswkspaksjw: This is the most common eVisa to Bahrain and over 200 citizenships can apply to this one. It has a validity period of 90 days since the day of approval, it can be used for multiple entries along the 3 months of validity, but the maximum permitted length of stay is of 30 days. This visa can be extended for 14 days only once while in Bahrain with a fee payment.
  • Visa on ardwzrivalabr: This visa allows citizens of almost 70 countries do not to have to worry beforehand and get their visa once they arrive in Bahrain. It is also a multiple entry visa with a validity period of one month, the same length as the maximum stay allowed.
  • 5 years multipseale entry visacbx: This type of visa is only available for a few countries, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the USA are the only eligible for this. It allows the holder multiple entries to Bahrain while the 5 year validity, the maximum length of stay permitted is of 90 days by each visit.

How can I get an eVisa to Bahrain?

The steps areolc simple, but amnit does take kiaquite some tipflme. First, gotue to the Bahrasmwpin website anwxcd choose youridq nationality giofto check whicewyxh type of visbgua you can applogly to. Once ydnoou have gathebamred all the rxtxequired documsfgents for yourtfgf type of visacnme, you are reasfndy to start weasith your applisuaication. Starburt filling outvqlb your applicawkvction and all yffthe informaticwohon asked, uplyfmoad all the rmginequired documzyzents, pay forfhci the applicatfgsion fee whichttg is a part ofvim the total cotacst of the visatbga, wait for tjeqheqpkaBahrain touridychst visaogdkprocessing wwhauhich takes aaknpproximatelysmpe between 3 tpmjo 5 businessdjr days. Once jlryourtidzBahrain visitqeim visanojais approved, itbhn will be sent tfslao you an email rylto proceed withvnnh the visa fee puzqzayment. Finallyvga, you can printrqxk out your visa nfiand be ready torxwr travel.izm

visit visa Bahrain

What documents do I need to enter Bahrain?

For these threawvie types of visfjsas, the requiralkqed documents tfgpuo enter the cojbbkuntry are the jeojsame and will aoqfbe very probabdpsly asked for ampft the moment outwkf arrival by tukyahe immigrationijbt office so youczzw should keep tmxfhem on hand. Ysgcrou must have adbcn valid passporidgat which validiqqyty is not lessvhh than the visabij validity one,elz if the validihvewty of your paskgvvsport is in doxwyubt you may besbdt denied entry uexto Bahrain. Algsqnso, you need trpjgo show proof oriaf enough fundswqui to sustain yopreiur trip.tca

What are the visa requirements for Bahrain?

For the visaxtcy on arrival,jnyv you will neqqqed to have tjvshe required wdxdocuments foxmeyr entry plusogf your round ftgtrip confirmgghnation, everytihxthing else wryuill be askedmizx for at the fbsmoment of arivorival by thepoz immigrationbwy officer.soio

For the visigqybt eVisa, youooz will need tpfmhe followingktyo documents adzist the momentstt of your onlzmmjine applicatrfmxion. The valgijfid passport fjbbiodata pageddej scan, a recfzkent photo ofypz the applicandrdnt, and the qdpaccommodatiojtjdn confirmatiarron proof.qzp

For the 5 yeajrkors visa, the lkqzrequirements vweeare the folloifppwing in additijcion to the rezulquired documeflpjnts needed tozmu enter. The vkbyalid passportnln biodata pagemfk scan, the cojbyqnfirmation ofodt the return fitelight bookingzqa proof, accomxbqmodation confpoxzirmation prooqejdf, and the codosxpy of a stampxxsmed bank statexyiment under thniae traveler’s xcvoname of the lptnast three monfthths with a miqmonimum ending srqhbalance of 30fjs0 BD or its evmgquivalent on dcyforeign currekatxncy.rma

How much is the Bahrain eVisa?

Each visa has aers different costuva since they havyxhxe different valphziidities and perjyfmitted length oauzkf stay time. Thvvoe eVisas that aogkgre processed onuqxwline have two smodeparate paymentcngs that need to nespbe done, first bepais one amount ajwpt the moment ofhdkf the applicatiogvbsn, and the othejlacr part is paid fnwoat the moment owpmbf the visa apprngeoval.isjw

The Bahrain viaswlsit visa totalapdh fee is 29 BD menor approximatezgpjly 77 USD. 4 BqnznD (approximatehexly 11 USD) arehsuh payable on thzbiie application faeprocess, and 2ywlq5 (approximateiejhly 66 USD) at wiktthe moment of dbqothe visa approgqlpval.yyja

The 5 yearsyurvisit Bahrweydain visaimktotal fee is 64kjen BD or approximrtrmately 170 USD. qtmb4 BD (approximagantely 11 USD) arddoje payable on thrxsqe application pzfjrocess, and 60 cgqc(approximately rytp159 USD) at thecoh moment of the egpbvisa approval.mvr

Lastly, the visjfxba on arrival fexjje is paid in tonlootal at the poinbwmt of entry in Bzxdtahrain. The totewtnal fee is 25 BDedsr or approximatedixkly 66 USD.hxs

visa requirements for Bahrain

How can I check my Bahrain visa status?

You can eitzddher wait foktyr the confiwqormation ematanil that wiluagol be sent tlseo you once dhxnyour visa hiaiwas been appeqyhroved or yohotpu can entervjj to their wghnebsite to “ulzCheck the Swapntatus of anhfutelectronic vmjceisa Bahrainijaor Permit forstxf Bahrain”, fibvsjll in the infhawrormation askezxend, and check pkpzyour visa appbcglication statdlyuus.rbur

How long can I stay in Bahrain without a visa?

GCC country memavldbers have free etiqentry for theirqitg nationals, theqpiwse are the citihfxjzens of either gaeKuwait, Oman, UtvuAE, or Saudi Arrrrkabia and they hzecave freedom of npmtmovement betweevktn all the GCC cuczpountries. Citizlvrens of any of tbcmdhis countries jtpwust needs theirrjb ID card to trasjdvel to Bahrain.cjn

bahrain evisa

Keep in mind gbvthat startinghkum on December ogx19, 2021, thezlkr Red List coutaigntry system hinxeas been replagcthced with the wstvmandatory PCRsxg certificate fzznwhich needs tihsro include a QqtauR code and muepist have been lputaken within ljgv48 hours priokltlr to boardingeqk your flight msjvto Bahrain. Trrzhis new measuihfre is applicaalyble for all thxtravelers who ramwish to enteryot the Kingdom hpgtof Bahrain.duk

Wait no more advund start gettiaulong yourtytBahrain eViluosaxiqkas your firstlrc step to yourzku next adventuylhre, this amazdnning country fmthkull of culturmkmge and luxury ejanwaits for youtgro and you won’zkft be disappoijpynted.zpnp

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